Smart Horticulture Lighting

High efficiency LED lighting solutions for commercial and scientific applications for better results. Do not wait to get support.

Horticulture LED Grow Lights

High efficiency and quality grow lights will provide you best solutions for your applications.


ECOLine was developed for less light required applications. ECOLine series have the thin and lightweight design, nevertheless which works with internal power supply.


GreenLine was developed for professional applications such as plant production and research. %100 anodized aluminum body was designed for lowest thermal resistance to provide long lifespan using.

Extreme GreenLine

Extreme GreenLine can be the best solution for top lighting in greenhouses. Extreme GreenLine series substitute traditional HID/HPS lighting.

ExPAR Premium

ExPAR is a good choice for lighting in greenhouses and any other indoor applications. ExPAR is the best solution substitute traditional HID/HPS lighting with low-cost lighting per unit area.

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Web Based Lighting Control Technology
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