LED Grow Lights for Vertical Farming Systems

Plantekno provides high technology artificial LED Grow Light solutions for vertical farming applications. Get high crop yield in a small area with true vertical farming lighting strategy.

LED Lighting Solution for Indoor Farming

LED Grow Lights for Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is one of the most popular methods to grow plants in the small area without external factors. Artificial lighting is one of the most important factors for high crop yield in vertical farming systems. In the future, food production rate and quality will be decreased in the world. The indoor farming method provides more facility to grow different plants in a controlled environment such as lettuce, spinach, cress, parsley, arugula, etc. That plant growing method is never affected by an external factor, so you can keep quality everywhere and every time. Vertical farming methods are generally applied with the hydroponic method, which allows us to control the growing medium to get the best result. Outdoor farmers always face the problems that their plants could be contaminated with harmful bacterias and fungus.  On the other hand, they can not control seasonal changes such as temperature, humidity or lighting level. Because of all these reasons, vertical farming is seen the future farming method in the world.

Plantekno provides high efficiency LED grow lights per joule, which allows lower heat output and lowest electric using. Thanks to our quality production policy, we are able to provide a long warranty period. Besides our specially designed wavelength combinations, we can design according to the demands of our customers or plant type. In addition, all parts of our grow lights are produced with a sensitive method without toxic materials (heavy metals or any other unhealthy substance).

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GreenLine LED Grow Light

GreenLine was developed for professional applications such as plant production and research. %100 anodized aluminum body was designed for lowest thermal resistance to provide long lifespan using. GreenLine contains high quality and efficiency LED technology to provide excellent results for your applications.

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