LED Grow Lights for Algae Production

Plantekno provides high technology artificial LED Grow Light solutions for algae productions and experiments. True spectrum and quality lighting support you to achieve successful results.

High Algae Production Level with LED Lighting Solution

LED Grow Lights for Algae Production and Research

Algae is a single cell plant that consumes the Green House Gas (GHG) CO2 and produces algae oil (lipid) which can be turned into fuel. Algae using photon energy, absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), releasing oxygen (O2) in their life cycle.

Algae production in the reactor also needs quality lighting for successful results. LED technology provides many advantages to obtain best results with spectrum recipe. Plantekno can provide quality LED grow lights for your algae studies and production process.

GreenLine LED Grow Light

GreenLine was developed for professional applications such as plant production and research. %100 anodized aluminum body was designed for lowest thermal resistance to provide long lifespan using. GreenLine contains high quality and efficiency LED technology to provide excellent results for your applications.

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