LED Grow Lights for Commercial Greenhouses

Plantekno provides high technology artificial LED Grow Light solutions for vine crop production and floriculture in the commercial greenhouses. Increase production efficiency per m2 with the right spectrum and lighting strategy.

The Right Lighting Strategy for Commercial Greenhouses

LED Grow Lights for Commercial Greenhouses

Commercial Greenhouse lighting strategy is really important factory to get efficiency growing rate during the year.  LED technology also has other benefits compared with the traditional lights (HPS-High-pressure sodium lights, MH-Metal Halide), such as the control to the spectrum output of the light and the intensity of the light. This would enable lighting to be used much more efficiently, resulting in better harvesting.

Plantekno provides high efficiency LED grow lights per joule, which allows lower heat output and lowest electric using. Thanks to our quality production policy, we are able to provide a long warranty period. Besides our specially designed wavelength combinations, we can design according to the demands of our customers or plant type. In addition, all parts of our grow lights are produced with a sensitive method without toxic materials (heavy metals or any other unhealthy substance).

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GreenLine LED Grow Light

GreenLine was developed for professional applications such as plant production and research. %100 anodized aluminum body was designed for lowest thermal resistance to provide long lifespan using. GreenLine contains high quality and efficiency LED technology to provide excellent results for your applications.

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