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How far should LED Grow Lights be from plants?

It may simply be a table prime, atiny low shelf, a little of an area, or a complete space. you have got to think about the number of area you have to spare so as to see the amount and size of crops you would like to grow. counting on the natural size of your plants, as a rule of thumb, your plant pots or trays are often anyplace between four to eight inches apart.

Adequately spacing your pots permits area for your plants to grow and conjointly allows space for you to maneuver around once pruning or caring for them.

Once you have got thought-about all of this, you’ll be able to currently estimate the dimensions of the realm that you simply can have to light-weight. For a smaller space, typically one little bulb can serve. For a bigger space, you will would like larger bulbs with additional intensity and a bigger variety of them.